A province wide partnership with local level government delivering soap and hygiene training so 72,000+ people can keep themselves safe.
Because we are all in this together

Regular handwashing with soap was identified early as one of the most effective preventative measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

This presents a challenge in PNG where soap is considered a luxury item for the largely subsistence farmers and fishers. A second challenge was the urgent need to create awareness materials with culturally relevant messaging and in language.

Poor media coverage – radio, TV, internet, newspapers – presented a third challenge: a shortage of informed voices in remote rural communities could trust.


A public campaign to improve hygiene standards through the provision of regular soap deliveries and hygiene awareness tools in tok pisin. In partnership with Manus’ 12 LLG teams, Wantaim PNG distributed regular soap supplies and flyers to 12,000+ households across the Province.

133,000+  BARS OF SOAP

A train the trainer approach ensures effective handwashing practices are widespread to prevent the spread of COVID and other hygiene related illnesses and keep communities safe. Supporting locally elected leaders to take the lead in delivering soap and materials provides an opportunity to connect with their constituents, reinforces their role as providers of service and builds trust.

To date, over 133,000 bars of soap and 12,381 flyers have been distributed across Manus Province with the support of all local level government teams...


Being connected into communities enabled rapid mobilisation of COVID Soap and delivery of 4 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


A key component of Wantaim's  COVID Soap initiative is a public health campaign promoting effective handwashing techniques. Wantaim PNG trains local level government teams who in turn repeat the training in their constituent communities at the same time as overseeing soap deliveries to all 12,000+ households.

Kamapim gudpela sindaun FOR yumi olgeta!

Working together to thrive together!

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