We support rural
communities in PNG to thrive.
Thriving communities are productive,
connected and their citizens lead
happy, meaningful lives.
This occurs when citizens are
engaged, mobilised and work
to shape their own destinies. Together. 

Our Approach

We understand in Melanesian cultures relationships are everything. In practice this means our success can only be as great as our local knowledge, personal networks and understanding of local context is strong. This takes time.
Wantaim PNG commits the time and resources to build enduring relationships with partner communities. In our pursuit of genuine, sustainable, community led development, we regard this as essential. Mobilising communities is also central to achieving impact at scale.

Where We Work

Ten Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste are in the top 20 aid dependent countries in the world

DevPolicyBlog@ANU – August 18, 2020

Within the Pacific, PNG is the largest. It is also one of the most ecologically, linguistically, culturally rich countries on earth.
This is where we work.

High impact and peace of mind, with a high percentage of funds directly benefiting communities

Where The Money Goes

We are committed to delivering high impact and peace of mind to donors and supporters.
In financial year 2020, 92 cents out of every dollar received directly benefited our partner communities.

Lynne’s Story

Wantaim PNG approach is inextricably linked to the personal story of one of our Founders, Lynne Shori, and her journey of reconnection to her PNG roots and of reconciling Australian and PNG cultures.