From running groups, ocean swimmers and dining in nights, we’re grateful to the many whose efforts raise invaluable funds so we are able to connect with more communities.

There are many public events to choose from or alternatively design your own event.


Here’s are some well known public events in Australia and PNG to inspire you.

Once you’ve chosen an event,  use the form to drop us a line so we can support your big day and celebrate your success!


SeptemberTrukai Run
NovemberWalk for life, PNG


If your preference is a more intimate or bespoke option, the only limit is your imagination.

Check out the calendar of major international theme days on our radar and get the creative juices flowing or be inspired by the creativity of our supporters like Jo and Brady.

Jo's story Brady's story

Once you’ve chosen your event drop us a line at and let us know so we can show our support.

March - International Womens Day, World Water Day, World TB Day
April - World Health Day
June - World Environment Day
July - World Youth Skills Day
September - International Literacy Day, PNG Independence Day
October - International Day for Rural Women, Polio Day
November - World Toilet Day, World Diabetes Day
December - International Volunteers Day


Once you’ve chosen your event, drop a line and let us know so we can show our support.


As a GP Jo understands more than most the importance of sanitation and hygiene to health outcomes.


In 2019 Jo signed up to a gruelling bike ride from the Spencer Gulf in SA to the Gulf of Carpentaria in Qld.

Taking in 2200 kms, Jo’s grand bike ride raised $14,000+ to support Wantaim PNG’s work in community led sanitation and feminine hygiene management

Brady’s unusual first birthday party

In February 2018, young Brady who lived in Singapore turned 1.

Brady’s family planned a big party to mark the occasion and all his closest friends were invited.

Brady told his parents he had more toys that he needed and would instead ask his friends to donate to his first and favourite charity, Wantaim PNG!

Brady’s birthday bash was a hit - everyone came to celebrate.

Forfeiting his first birthday gifts, Brady and his friends raised $1000 which he generously donated to Wantaim PNG.

Kamapim gudpela sindaun FOR yumi olgeta!

Working together to thrive together!

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