We know that your first priority is to look after your loved ones in your Will. We also know it is important for you to talk to them about your wishes and the reason why you might choose to leave a gift to Wantaim PNG.


Gifts in Wills (also called Bequests) are property or assets given to an individual or organisation in your Will. Gifts in Wills can come in many different forms including residues of estates, fixed sums of money, or percentages of assets.

Types of Bequests

1. Residuary – the remainder of the Estate after specific gifts have been disbursed.
2. Percentage – a percentage of the residue or the entire Estate
3, Pecuniary – a specific gift of cash
4. Specific asset – this could be real estate, shares, bonds or other items of value (works of art, jewellery etc)
5. An investment in perpetuity

You can also specify what you’d like your bequest to support

General purposes: This enables us to make the most of your contribution by directing it towards projects with the highest priority at the time of the gift.

International programs: You have the option of directing your gift to a specific International Programme. For example, if improving the participation of women in decision making is important to you, dedicate your gift to our Hamamas Meri programme. If creating pathways to employment for youth or improving health outcomes is important, Gudpela Sindaun would be a better fit for you.

To make the process as simple as possible, we have suggested wording to use to include Wantaim PNG in your Will. You can take this to your solicitor or directly write it into your Will if you are managing it yourself.

If you have questions about how to leave a gift in your Will to Wantaim PNG or would like a copy of our proforma letter, do not hesitate to contact us.

What will your legacy be?

Through your bequest to Wantaim PNG you’ll be contributing towards our vision for a strong and sustainable PNG where more people are connected, productive and enjoy meaningful, good lives.

It’s an ambitious vision but we’re committed.