Kamapim gudpela sindaun FOR yumi olgeta

Working together to thrive together


Our vision is for a strong and sustainable PNG where people are connected, productive and enjoy meaningful, good lives.

Our mission is to partner with communities, help mobilise local engagement and help them thrive. Together.

We prioritise initiatives focused on two of the largest, voiceless groups in PNG: women and youth. In doing so we support families and entire communities.

We target remote rural communities where 85% of PNG people live.


The Wantaim PNG team spans Australia and PNG and includes our PNG projects team, a small support team based in Sydney and an Advisory Board.


Apiu Mochon

Team Leader, Gudpela Sindaun

Ruth Francis

Team Leader, Hamamas Meri

Ely Pokawin

Sewing Instructor. Hamamas Meri

Fidelis Mochon

Boat Operator, Hamamas Meri

Gorethy Mochon

Sewing support and Quality Assurance

Nicky Jacob

Leader, Sewing Machine Repair Workshop


Richard Schroder

President.  B Sc. CEO Kina Petroleum

Lynne Shori

Co Founder. Public Officer. Programmes and Stakeholder Engagement. B Econs (Hons) M Applied Finance

Patricia Winn

Treasurer. Accountant

Ruud Dautenzberg

Co Founder. Committee member

M Econs

Richard Vaughan

Project design.  Sidekick

Co Founder. Public Officer. Programmes and Stakeholder Engagement. B Econs (Hons) M Applied Finance


Richard Schroder

President. B Sc. CEO Kina Petroleum

George McClelland

OAM  Founding Director

Australian Doctors International

Tracy Rushmer

Associate Professor, Associate Dean Higher Degree Research Faculty of Science and Engineering

Julia Gibby

BA. LLB (Hons)

Rob Giacometti


Diane Hayman

B Econs  CA  Registered Tax Agent


While we depend on many in Australia and PNG, a few deserve special mention.

They are our family, our wantoks.


Sue Spencer & Pam Pritchard lead the Hamamas Meri support team of the Rotary Club of Turramurra, backing up our PNG team and providing community outreach. Engaging a team of approximately 30 women from the Club and Sydney community they source and prepare materials for PNG women’s groups to sew and sell kits. 
Initial training from Ryde Days For Girls Team Leader, Janelle Dodd, got us on the way.
Meeting each month for four hours at a time this group – known as the Turramurra Hamamas Meris – takes on preparatory tasks too difficult in village settings where just finding a suitable working space, tables and chairs can be challenging.
Their preparatory work supports their PNG sisters to focus on kit sewing and maximising kit sales and connects the two groups through friendship.
The group’s monthly working bees are valued over $68,000 however their impact is far greater: they are the backbone of the Hamamas Meri programme which today touches thousands of PNG lives through it’s health awareness sessions, sewing skills training and pathways to income.
Long before the ‘Pacific Step Up” and the “Pacific Pivot” became familiar terms, the Turramurra Hamamas Meris were already walking the talk.

Hamamas Meri….Because PNG women & girls shouldn’t be held back.


Management, students and friends of the Maria Molnar Bible Training School in Lugos  provide invaluable support to several Wantaim PNG’s programmes.


During the recent completion of the Lap’lang Facility MMBTS students volunteered to source local sago and weave the sago walls.

In support of COVID-Soap, management approved Wantaim PNG’s use of a secure storage and packing space so that 133,000+ bars of soap could be labelled, packed and readied for handover to local level government representatives. 

This major undertaking was repeated each two months and drew in support from management, students and their families alike.

In no small way their collective actions are contributing directly to keeping a province safe.


With their dedication to “causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world”, it was inevitable that the paths of Rotary and Wantaim PNG would cross. 

Through our two core programmes – Hamamas Meri and Gudpela Sindaun – Wantaim PNG is directly targeting four of the seven Rotary key areas of focus

  1. Promoting Peace
  2. Fighting Disease through prevention and treatment
  3. Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene
  4. Saving mothers and children
  5. Supporting education
  6. Growing local economies
  7. Protecting the environment

Eleven Rotary Clubs across NSW, QLD and PNG back our programmes and – with an internationally mobile team and zoom! – we’re open to meeting more.  So, no matter which part of the world you call home, if our work sounds of interest reach out today and let’s start a conversation.


We enjoy support of many experienced professional volunteers without whom Wantaim PNG could not operate.

  • Henry & Des. Restored many tools
  • Two young volunteers promoting world toilet day